Recently an article appeared on my Facebook feed called “11 Powerful Questions That Can Help You Transform Your Life.” Since transformation almost always requires stopping one thing and starting another, I decided to see if any of these questions dealt with quitting.

Here are the questions the author included:

1. What am I holding on to that no longer feels good?

2. What have I been avoiding out of fear?

3. What dream have I ignored, but it keeps coming back to me?

4. What in my life am I forcing?

5. What skills or talents am I not using?

6. What am I afraid of?

7. What concerns am I willing to release?

8. What am I committed to changing?

9. What can I remove from my life?

10. What brings me incredible joy?

11. When do I feel like my best self?

The original full article can be found HERE

If you have taken a look at my Quitting by Design series, some of these may sound very familiar:

#1 is essentially the intuition check from “Should I quit something?” and “What should I quit.”

#2 May refer to the fear of quitting something and starting something new.

#4 is another intuition check. #6 is another fear assessment.

#8 is essential to the entire quitting/transforming process.

But #9 is probably the most direct – it’s asking what can you remove from your life – or phrased another way – what can you QUIT?

So in case you still hear a little voice telling you quitting is a negative thing that winners never do, I urge you to take a look at this article and see how quitting is a crucial part of any transformation.


  1. Jhoei says:

    I’ve took notes on the questions and wrote down my answers too. It made me make realizations and I liked how I find it very helpful for myself. Thanks for this!

    1. Lynn Morski says:

      So happy to hear it helped! Really appreciate the feedback!

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