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Imagine working for a company that you not only morally disagree with, but has completely unethical and illegal practices? That’s the kind of career that today’s guest, Thaddeus Owen, went into when he left college. But Thaddeus knew there was more to life and his career, so he quit that toxic environment to create something incredible.

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About Thaddeus Owen

Thaddeus is the founder of PrimalHacker, a company devoted to biohacking our health to get the best out of our bodies. He started his biohacking journey by figuring out what worked best for him – living closer to work, cycling every day, and eventually, creating a life that meant he could work from home.

He opens up and shares what it was like working for that unethical company he started with. I was shocked to learn how big companies hire psychologists and use manipulation techniques to sell their products. Thaddeus always felt dubious at his company, and when he started educating himself, he was able to change his career – and life.

Thaddeus started writing about his biohacking journey on his blog when he was first exploring his new course. When a company reached out asking him to be an affiliate, he had no idea what he was signing up for but took a chance. A chance that paid off big time!

We also talk about biohacking our own health. Thaddeus shares some of his best tips for how we can all get better sleep at night. He says that modern disease started with the introduction of the lightbulb and says we should all sit near natural light through the day… and limit our artificial light at nighttime. Thaddeus also gives us some advice on how we can improve the lighting situation in our own homes.

Have you ever worked for a company that’s completely against your morals? Do you limit your exposure to artificial light throughout the day and evening? How can you create your perfect life?

In This Episode:

  • What it’s like to work for a completely unethical and sometimes illegal organization
  • How companies use manipulation to make more purchases
  • How you can educate yourself and change your career
  • Why you should start exploring alternative routes, and then writing about them, to help you advance in your career
  • What happens when you take risks and work with affiliate programs
  • How you can learn to sleep better at night
  • When and why modern disease started
  • Why you should try to sit near bright windows throughout the day
  • How we can have healthy lighting in our homes
  • What happens when you create the perfect life for you


“We would hire Ph.D. level psychologists to tell us how to manipulate women into buying things that they don’t need, and tricking them to think that the benefits of the product are such that they will help the woman when they actually do nothing.” (7:09)

“In a primal society, whether you believe in God or evolution or both, human biology was never designed to see blue light after dark.” (21:09)

“When I changed careers, I took a huge pay cut. Most people chase money and they chase wealth. I was chasing a career that was in line with my beliefs and my personality from a spiritual standpoint and everything else. I took a huge pay cut and that’s not easy to do.” (27:26)

“If you enjoy what you do and you enjoy where you are, you’re going to have higher and increased health.” (31:46)


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