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Quitting is always difficult, but quitting the only life you’ve ever known comes with a unique set of obstacles and hurdles to overcome. Today’s guest, Coach Tara Garrison, was living the perfect Mormon life, but deep down, she knew something didn’t feel right. This is her story of how she listened to her gut, quit her life, and changed her destiny.

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Tara had it all – the marriage, the 4 kids, the community and friends, the Mormon education… but something didn’t feel right to her. When she started learning more about health and nutrition and living a more natural life, she started to feel more awake and aware of where she was in her life. It helped her realize that everything she questioned since she studied the Book of Mormon at university was her body telling her she wasn’t living where the Universe wanted her to.

Following a divorce with her husband, Tara braved the consequences of leaving her Mormon life behind and left the church. She didn’t have a plan, literally zero dollars to her name, and ended up couch surfing, before finally hitting a break with a personal trainer friend of hers.

After taking her life into her own hands, Tara is now working as a successful health and wellness coach. And once she made the decision to start her own coaching business, all the pieces started fitting into place.

In this episode, we’re talking about why you need to feel and experience the pain you’re going through in order to understand what a situation is trying to tell you. Tara also explains what happened to her social and community life when she left the Mormon church, but why going through this hardship was still the best decision for her. Plus, how taking risks and quitting can lead you to take on new experiences you never would have considered in your old life.

Knowing how to break down the stressful thoughts and feelings you’re going through is so beneficial to working through them and understanding other perspectives. But regardless of how other people feel about a situation, it’s more important to live in your truth and follow what you need to do to be a healthier version of yourself. When you do this, the Universe will start providing bountiful opportunities for you.

How do you feel when you’re in a situation you don’t like? Do you know how to deal with emotions that arise, even after you thought you left them behind you? Have you ever quit the only life you’ve ever known?

In This Episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t disconnect from emotional pain you’re experiencing
  • How quitting something can contribute to intense social anxiety
  • What new experiences quitting something can lead to
  • Why it’s important not to replace what you’ve left behind with the first opportunity you come across
  • How to handle the emotions that resurface when you meet someone from the life you left
  • How you can take a stressful thought and break it down to understand where it comes from
  • Why you should do whatever you need to do in order to come out the other side as a healthier version of yourself
  • What it’s like when you start living with your heart
  • How to recognize when you fall back into old patterns
  • Who the most important person for you to rely on is
  • How to know if you’ve made the right quit in your life



“I’ve had to learn to speak up and talk when you’re going through pain and you’re going through hard times.” (5:00)

“It’s my job to have forgiveness and compassion and love, no matter what. And to not give or surrender my power to them.” (19:10)

“The Universe just started saying yes, and yes, and yes, and yes as soon as I started putting myself out there and acting.” (32:20)



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