Help Your Audience Harness the Power of Strategic Quitting

Lynn Marie empowers audiences to harness the power of strategic quitting so they can get unstuck, stop settling, and start following their passions!

Speaking topics include, among others:

  • How to know when to quit
  • Overcoming the stigma associated with quitting
  • Rebranding quitting
  • Why strategic quitting is an important self-care tool
  • How to prepare your finances, health, and relationships for a quit
  • The (big!) difference between quitting and failing
  • Why the saying ‘quitters never win’ is entirely false…and harmful!
  • How to address quitting-related fears, like ‘wasted’ time and money
Feeling stuck? Know there's a better life out there but not sure what's standing in your way? Let me send you the Top 5 Signs There’s Something You Need to QUIT!
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