Rachele Brooke Smith: How to Flip the Fear Through Creativity and Disruptive Thinking | Quit Happens

Rachele Brooke Smith’s life changed when she saw Center Stage as a teenager, as it made her realize she wanted to be a dancer and an actress. And despite years of getting what seemed like no closer to her dream, she continued to show up and audition, despite how much her self-talk tried to keep her down. One day, she finally realized that dream, getting cast in the lead of Center Stage 2!

Through this and many other experiences, Rachele realized that to create her life as she wanted it to be, she would have to fight through fears. Now, when fear arises, she envisions how much worse it would feel to miss out on opportunities like the audition for Center Stage 2 that she almost didn’t attend. With that in mind, she’s able to disrupt negative thoughts and let her creative superpowers run free.

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