The Quitting Enthusiast with Three Jobs

Hey Quitting fans!

So I’ve been a little MIA recently – but for good reason! I’ve begun working a third job, and I love it.

In case you lost track, my first job is as a doctor at the VA. My second job is as an adjunct law professor, which means I work one night a week, and only every other semester or so. And the latest is a contracting position with a nonpartisan digital media firm.

When I told a friend about acquiring a third gig, he replied “So the quitting expert now has three jobs?”

It’s true. If you knew nothing about me, for sure the fact that I am a huge advocate of quitting would make my current triple-employment scenario seem contradictory.

However, once you know the details, it makes perfect sense. When do I advocate quitting? When something ISN’T working for you. Currently, not only are all three of my positions working for me, but the third one is exactly what I most love doing – working on nonpartisan election reform.

(The photo above is of me and my colleagues recording a video as part of a future election reform campaign.)

So in case you thought quitters were sitting around on the couch all day long, let me correct that assumption. Successful quitters may have every second of the day filled, but those seconds are filled with activities that we enjoy – or we’d have already quit them:)

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