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Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a physician, attorney and lifelong quitter. Through her “Quitting by Design” website she helps people carve out successful lives through strategic quitting. Her goal is to destigmatize quitting and illustrate what a useful tool it can be in creating a fulfilling life. In this show, she interviews people who have used strategic quitting successfully in their paths with the goal of providing listeners actionable advice to help them quit their way to success.

Amore St. Ives: Making Peace with Quitting the Peace Corps | Quit Happens

Ever faced a quit that had the potential to effect a global organization and wipe out your identity all in one fell swoop? Well this week’s guest did, and her journey from isolation in Ghana to inspiring an entire community of yogis is truly incredible.

Amore St. Ives, manager of CorePower Yoga in North Park, San Diego courageously shares how difficult that quit was and how she made it through by listening to her what her gut was telling her – both metaphorically and physically!

Take a listen to her remarkable story and learn how to deal with some of the toughest quits imaginable.

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Lee Constantine: Leaving Las Vegas for the Book Biz in Bali | Quit Happens

Some quits are huge: like leaving your job and the country all at once for a job opportunity halfway around the world. Other quits are small, like quitting a book you’re not enjoying.

This episode’s guest Lee Constantine, co-founder of the book crowdfunding platform Publishizer, has done all of the above.

From deciding the 9 to 5 life in Vegas wasn’t working for him, to choosing to no longer finish books that aren’t bringing him joy, Lee has made many a strategic quit, and he shares how being fearless in the face of major transitions has served him well.

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Brittany van Schravendijk: From Engineer to Kettlebell Champion: Proof that Quitters DO Win | Quit Happens

The prospect of quitting something often leads to a lot of fears, many of which focus on what others will think. The key is realizing that those “others” don’t have to live with your decisions – you do.

Today’s guest Brittany van Schravendijk came to that realization at a young age, as she evaluated whether to leave the field of engineering to work as an athletic trainer. That decision led her to not only become a world champion in kettlebell sport, but also to a career she absolutely loves.

This episode is great for anyone who fears they’re choosing a career that society may deem less-prestigious than their previous one, as Brittany tells the story of having that fear, and how society actually viewed her decision in a much more favorable light than her fears would let her believe.


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Andrew Belinsky: From Big Apple to Bigger Purpose: One Musician’s Evolution | Quit Happens

This episode is for anyone who’s ever lived somewhere that just didn’t feel right. It’s also for those who have pursued their dreams and wondered if realizing those dreams was worth the price of their health and sanity.

In this episode, we hear from Andrew Belinsky, creator of Namastage. He tells his journey of working in the music business in NYC until he realized that the musician lifestyle and the extreme city life were taking a toll on his mind and body that left him empty and exhausted.

Andrew takes us through the personal introspection and group work that helped find his way out of darkness and into a place where he’s able to help others on their own personal journeys.

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Ruman Kazi: From CPA to NBC to UCB: The 8-Year Quit | Quit Happens

The most common job quitting stories usually involve someone realizing their chosen career is no longer right for them. But not this one.

Ruman Kazi is an actor and improv performer who chose to become an accountant as a means of making a living while perfecting his drumming skills, in order to one day quit the finance world and pursue a career in music. In fact, he had an EIGHT-year plan in place. However, a concussion derailed the original plan, at which point he found acting, and a different non-financial career was born.

So take a listen to Ruman’s incredible story of planned quits, unplanned trauma, financial mindset altering, and un-quits that takes us from Southern Illinois to New York to Hollywood.

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Also, for those of you who need more support than a podcast can provide, there’s an option to speak with me privately for free – just click HERE, scroll down to the bottom and sign up for your complimentary clarity call and we’ll set up a time to chat.

AND the newest place to find all things quitting is QUITOPIA, the Facebook group! Come join us there for more tips and tricks on how to get unstuck and start quitting your way to happy!

Eugene Kim: Quitting Society’s Idea of Success | Quit Happens

Have you spent years working toward goals that society put in place for you? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself WHY you want to achieve those goals?

In today’s episode, Eugene Kim, co-leader of November Project San Diego, tells us how examining his goals led him from the life of an unhappy asshole (his words!) to being at his happiest point yet.

He takes us through his realization that his goals were no longer aligned with his passions, and the adjustments he made that have led to greater sense of purpose and fulfillment and wholeness.

For more on November Project, go to november-project.com.
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Nathan Young: How to Quit Listening to our Inner Dean Martin | Quit Happens

Have you ever felt your worth was based on whether you were in a relationship? Have the men out there felt their worth was based on how adept they were at maintaining an active sex life? Then this episode is precisely for you.

Today’s guest is Nathan Young, a storytelling consultant and creator of the New Narrative, a live, interactive storytelling event in San Diego, CA. In our chat, he addresses that voice in our head (which often echoes throughout society) that tells us we’re nobody ’til somebody loves us.

He takes us through his self-development journey and speaks directly to the prevalent tendency for men to base their self-worth on external factors relating to women, and how he learned to tame that voice.

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Amy Porter: Quitting the Afterlife to Save the Current Life | Quit Happens

I asked Amy to be on the podcast because I knew she had successfully quit social work to become a real estate mogulette, but during this episode she shared so much more!

Between separating herself from her drug-addicted mom, ditching her identity as a caretaker, and quitting the Mormon church, Amy’s story has it all, and we’re so fortunate to get to hear her open, raw depiction of the struggles she went through as a lesbian in the Mormon faith.

If you’ve struggled with telling your friends and family about a quit, please take a listen. Also, if you’ve feared the unknown on the other side of a quit, she’s got some great tips for that as well.

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Jeremy Castellano: From Accountant to Alchemist | Quit Happens

Jeremy Castellano was a successful accountant, but his he knew this wasn’t his forever career…and when he developed a passion for brewing beer, this financial whiz put his monetary know-how to work planning and executing a successful transition from CPA to lead brewer at San Diego’s Mission Brewery.

Jeremy’s journey included financial strategies anyone wanting to leave a well-paying job for a less-lucrative field will want to hear!

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