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Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a physician, attorney and lifelong quitter. Through her “Quitting by Design” website she helps people carve out successful lives through strategic quitting. Her goal is to destigmatize quitting and illustrate what a useful tool it can be in creating a fulfilling life. In this show, she interviews people who have used strategic quitting successfully in their paths with the goal of providing listeners actionable advice to help them quit their way to success.

Justin Kanoya: Two Turntables & a Business to Run: A DJ Leaves the Corporate Life to Follow His Calling | Quit Happens

Who in the corporate world hasn’t at least once dreamed of finding their creative passion, following it, then doing well enough at it to tell the corporate world goodbye?

Well this week’s guest didn’t just dream it, he made that dream a reality when he left his government job and became one of the premier fitness and yoga DJs.

Take a listen as DJ Justin Kanoya explains how he made the transition and how he’s been able to sustain a successful DJ business so that he can continue to follow his calling.

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Jordan Reich: Take Me Out of the Ballgame: A Major League Quit | Quit Happens

Often people feel called to quit something because they’re struggling with it and it just doesn’t feel right. But sometimes even things we’re good at may not be the right fit.

Such was the case with Jordan Reich, who was a talented pitcher on track to play in the major leagues. There was just one problem: America’s favorite pastime wasn’t HIS favorite. Quite the opposite.

Take a listen to Jordan’s journey from pitcher to business consultant to attorney as he strategically quit his way into a life that fits him perfectly.

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Peter Bragino: When the Not-So-Strategic Quit Works: An Artist Walks Out to Pursue his Passion | Quit Happens

Some kids have no idea what they want to be when they grow up. Peter Bragino was NOT one of those kids. His intuition told him what his life’s path would be at a young age, but figuring out how to follow it required more than one quit…and at least one not-so-strategic quit that ended up being the opportunity he needed to follow his passion.

Take a listen as the Marine turned salesman turned professional artist tells of his journey, guided by intuition at every turn.

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Lindsay France: Dropping the Anchor’s Desk: A Quit Guided by Principles and Passion | Quit Happens

Have you ever watched the news and thought the anchors had the greatest job? Now can you imagine walking away from it? Well this week’s guest did just that.

Lindsay France, former anchor for the news networks RT and RT America, had successfully built a career as a news anchor. But through covering the 2016 Presidential primaries she found a new and more intense passion that was better aligned with her values…which led to her walking away from the anchor’s desk and taking her career in a new direction.

Take a listen as she provides some great advice on finding your passion, following your principles, and using side gigs to prevent the dreaded JOB LOCK!

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Lynn Marie Morski: Triskaidekaphobia & How to Quit Fearing your Quitting Fears | Quit Happens

It’s episode 13!

Many people fear the number 13, so I’ve dedicated the 13th episode to fear – more specifically, the fears associated with quitting.

This episode covers:

  • Fear of what people will think if you quit
  • Fear that quitting something means you failed
  • Fear of leaving something you’ve dedicated time/money to
  • Fear that time or money already spent on something you quit will be ‘wasted’
  • Fear that quitters never win

So take a listen as Lynn Marie addresses some of the most common fears that can keep people stuck in less-than-optimal situations…so that you can address any of those same fears you may have!

Sophia Da Silva Hopson: Saying ‘I Don’t’ on the way to ‘I Do’: Quitting the Wedding Industrial Complex | Quit Happens

Ever planned an event to celebrate a special occasion only to have the event threaten to eclipse the occasion you were trying to celebrate?

Sophia Da Silva Hopson, co-host of the OM My Goodness podcast and yoga educator at MOSAIC yoga, and her now-husband had that same experience when they tried to plan their wedding. So what did they do?

(spoiler alert)

They QUIT their own wedding!

Take a listen to the touching journey as they navigated through family and societal expectations and finally found their way to a ceremony that celebrated their union exactly as they wanted it.

Here’s a photo of Sophia and Jason at their wedding in Santorini, Greece:



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Amore St. Ives: Making Peace with Quitting the Peace Corps | Quit Happens

Ever faced a quit that had the potential to effect a global organization and wipe out your identity all in one fell swoop? Well this week’s guest did, and her journey from isolation in Ghana to inspiring an entire community of yogis is truly incredible.

Amore St. Ives, manager of CorePower Yoga in North Park, San Diego courageously shares how difficult that quit was and how she made it through by listening to her what her gut was telling her – both metaphorically and physically!

Take a listen to her remarkable story and learn how to deal with some of the toughest quits imaginable.

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Lee Constantine: Leaving Las Vegas for the Book Biz in Bali | Quit Happens

Some quits are huge: like leaving your job and the country all at once for a job opportunity halfway around the world. Other quits are small, like quitting a book you’re not enjoying.

This episode’s guest Lee Constantine, co-founder of the book crowdfunding platform Publishizer, has done all of the above.

From deciding the 9 to 5 life in Vegas wasn’t working for him, to choosing to no longer finish books that aren’t bringing him joy, Lee has made many a strategic quit, and he shares how being fearless in the face of major transitions has served him well.

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Brittany van Schravendijk: From Engineer to Kettlebell Champion: Proof that Quitters DO Win | Quit Happens

The prospect of quitting something often leads to a lot of fears, many of which focus on what others will think. The key is realizing that those “others” don’t have to live with your decisions – you do.

Today’s guest Brittany van Schravendijk came to that realization at a young age, as she evaluated whether to leave the field of engineering to work as an athletic trainer. That decision led her to not only become a world champion in kettlebell sport, but also to a career she absolutely loves.

This episode is great for anyone who fears they’re choosing a career that society may deem less-prestigious than their previous one, as Brittany tells the story of having that fear, and how society actually viewed her decision in a much more favorable light than her fears would let her believe.


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