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Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a physician, attorney and lifelong quitter. Through her “Quitting by Design” website she helps people carve out successful lives through strategic quitting. Her goal is to destigmatize quitting and illustrate what a useful tool it can be in creating a fulfilling life. In this show, she interviews people who have used strategic quitting successfully in their paths with the goal of providing listeners actionable advice to help them quit their way to success.

Dominick Quartuccio: Finding Your Passion Without Looking: Preventing ‘Purpose-Finding Panic’ | Quit Happens

People commonly get stuck in jobs or careers because they don’t know what they’d rather be doing…in other words, they haven’t found their passion or purpose or calling in life. And often the struggle to find that passion leads to a feeling of desperation if nothing comes up right away.

Well this week’s guest, author/speaker/coach extraordinaire Dominick Quartuccio, went through a strategic quit of his own in which he stumbled upon a creative way to let his passion find him.

This is a must-hear for anyone who’s searching for their purpose!

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Scott Anthony Barlow: Deciding Who You Need to Become to Make Your Quit a Success | Quit Happens

When envisioning quitting one job and starting a new endeavor, we often ask ourselves what do we have to DO to make the new effort a success.

However, this week’s guest, career coach and host of the Happen to Your Career podcast Scott Anthony Barlow, makes the point that it’s much more important to decide who you have to BE to find success in your new career. He takes us back through his own quit and how he became the person who was able to make his desired career a reality.

Find his courses, and coaching at happentoyourcareer.com

Listen to his podcast HERE.

The career guide he referenced is at figureitout.co


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Dr. Amit Patel: Realigning Priorities: One Plastic Surgeon Gives His Career A Makeover | Quit Happens

Many of us have passions in several different areas, but the traditional 40-hour workweeks keep us from having time to pursue more than one calling. And for certain professions, like surgeons, the typical week doesn’t stop at 40 hours, so starting a side project is nearly impossible.

But this week’s guest, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Amit Patel, used a very strategic quit to ensure he had time to pursue multiple passions. His story is a testament to the importance of exploring all possibilities when carving out a career path.

Links to recommended books:

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Michaela Keilty: Quitting Imposter Syndrome: One CEO’s Quit Within a Quit | Quit Happens

Often when people want to leave the corporate world and strike out on their own, the main concerns involve how they will convince clients that they are qualified enough for the job.

However, this week’s guest, Michaela Keilty, CEO of Dynamic Marketing, points out that many times the hardest to convince of this qualification is yourself.

Take a listen to how Michaela fought with and overcame the dreaded imposter syndrome.

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Dr. Amy Killen: Quitting the ER to Resuscitate Her Life: One Doctor’s Reinvention | Quit Happens

The journey to become a physician is long and often times immovable. Medical students choose residencies that are up to 7 years long, and changing them is no small undertaking. And after graduating from a residency, changing specialties often requires doing an entire new residency, so most doctors just stay in their original specialty, no matter how unfulfilled they may be feeling.

But not this week’s guest, Dr. Amy Killen. Amy found a creative solution to dissatisfaction with her life in the ER, and her story should give hope to all doctors whose specialties no longer fit their lives.

Dr. Amy Killen on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Travis Roznos: Just Do Something: How to Jumpstart Your Quit | Quit Happens

So you think you wanna quit? Have you fallen into the trap many of us do in which we begin to compile more and more information about how to make a change…without ever putting it into action?

This week’s guest, Travis Roznos, started down that road, but through men’s groups and the Wim Hof Method training, he discovered that no amount of research got him further along in his transformation than going from the theoretical to the concrete and finally doing the work.

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Wim Hof Method

Sarah Hassaine: Seeing Quitting as Success: Lessons Learned from Listening to your Gut | Quit Happens

In an ideal situation, quits don’t happen TO us, they’re orchestrated BY us. However, sometimes we’re forced into a quit, and it’s then up to us to learn from that experience and use what we’ve learned the next time things need a change.

This week’s guest, Sarah Hassaine, did just that. When life dealt her a quit she didn’t see coming, she took everything she learned from that situation and used it when she later found herself in a job that wasn’t working for her. 

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Gina Mariko Rosales: When the Dream Job Isn’t *Your* Dream: Quitting Google X | Quit Happens

We’ve all been there. We hear someone works for a well-respected or super innovative company, or has a job that sounds like so much fun it could never seem like work, and we think they must have a dream job…and that they’d never want to give it up.

Well today’s guest, Gina Mariko Rosales, had just such a job working for the prestigious X (formerly Google X). But when she realized what others considered a dream job was different from her actual dream, she quit X, struck out on her own, and hasn’t looked back.

Gina’s company: Make it Mariko

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Elsye Chardonnay Walker: Walking Off the Beaten Path: The Not-So-Happy Trails Quit | Quit Happens

Many high-performing types like to set intense physical goals for themselves, like running a marathon or participating in a bodybuilding competition. But what happens when something comes in the way of that goal…like the fact that the drive is no longer there?

This week’s guest Elsye Walker faced just such a challenge when hiking the Appalachian Trail…and her story is a must-hear for top physical performers facing challenges along their paths.

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Alina Gordon: ‘Til Life Do Us Part: Leaving a Marriage to Find Personal Growth | Quit Happens

For much of modern history, marital vows have included the phrase “‘Til death do us part.” But as many who have left marriages know, it’s often something other than death that leads to the difficult decision to quit a marriage.

This week’s guest Alina Gordon (Founder and CEO of StanzaPet) was faced with a marriage quit when she realized the union was no longer in line with what she wanted for her life. She courageously shares her story of the grief and growth that accompanied the marital quit, and it’s a must-listen for anyone going through a similar relationship transition.

For more on StanzaPet, check them out on social media or email info@stanzapet.com.

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