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Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a physician, attorney and lifelong quitter. Through her “Quitting by Design” website she helps people carve out successful lives through strategic quitting. Her goal is to destigmatize quitting and illustrate what a useful tool it can be in creating a fulfilling life. In this show, she interviews people who have used strategic quitting successfully in their paths with the goal of providing listeners actionable advice to help them quit their way to success.

John Robinson: Quitting Your Stuff: How to Find Freedom by Mastering Detachment | Quit Happens

Imagine one day you wake up and the nearly hundred thousand dollars you previously had in your bank account were simply GONE.

This week’s guest, John Robinson, didn’t have to imagine it – he lived it. And that day he had to choose how to proceed with his life. What did he choose? To quit all the possessions he’d accumulated with his wealth. Through that process, he learned invaluable lessons about mastering detachment and basing your self-esteem on what truly matters. He shares those lessons here to help us detach from whatever we may need to quit.

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Tara Button: Guarding Your Time: A Priceless Principle in Preparing for a Quit | Quit Happens

If you’re in the pre-quit phase of a job, where you’ve started a side gig but haven’t left your primary job, you may be feeling like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything accomplished.

But there is. This week’s guest, Tara Button, Founder and CEO of BuyMeOnce.com and author of A Life Less Throwaway, talks about how she cut down her hours at her primary job and ensured that she worked only the hours she had promised so that she could fully dedicate the rest of her time to developing her passion project.

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April Shprintz: Banishing Fear from Your Atmosphere: Overcoming FOMO and Fear of Failure | Quit Happens

Many of us imagine that leaving the corporate world is akin to freeing yourself from cubicle prison. However, that world does come with some exciting benefits that those making the exit may fear they’ll miss.

Such was the case with this week’s guest April Shprintz. When making the quit from her sales job (in her most successful year!), she had to overcome both the fear of missing out and the fear of failure. However, April didn’t just persist in the face of fear, she found a way to eliminate fear altogether, and she shares her process in this weeks episode.

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Darrah Brustein: Facing Down Your Financial Fears: How to Quit A Limiting Money Mindset | Quit Happens

All too often the one thing keeping people stuck in a job or career they don’t like is the fear that financially they won’t be able to survive if they quit, because so many of us have been raised with a mindset surrounding money that tells us we both have to continually chase it and that we’ll never have enough.

Initially, this week’s guest, entrepreneur, author, and founder/ host of the “Life by Design not by Default” Virtual Summit Darrah Brustein, had a similar mindset. However, in this episode she describes how mapping out the costs of your goals to can decrease the anxiety that stems from constantly chasing the dollar, and how to make other beneficial money mindset shifts to allow you to put some of those financial fears to bed and make whatever quits necessary to follow your calling.

Check out the Life by Design, not by Default Virtual Summit!

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Daniel Poynter: How Meditations on Mortality Can Help Conquer Your Quitting Fears | Quit Happens

“Let us prepare our minds as if we’d come to the very end of life. Let us postpone nothing. Let us balance life’s books each day. … The one who puts the finishing touches on their life each day is never short of time.” Seneca

They say the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. Some of us spend all year doing financial tricks to ensure that we don’t have any regrets on tax day, but how many of us spend anywhere near that much time making sure we have no regrets on our deathbed?

That’s exactly what this week’s guest, Applied Ideals founder Daniel Poynter, suggests doing when we encounter fears about leaving one area of life and transitioning to another.

Take a listen to find out how reminders of your death can help you quit your way to your best (regret-minimized) life!

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Nate Church: Closing the Door (and Locking it!): How to Ensure Your Quit Sticks | Quit Happens

While quits can be temporary, sometimes you’ve decided so definitively that you want to close a chapter of your life that you’d like to make sure your quit is permanent.

This week’s guest, Nathan Church, owner of On Track Wellness and OTW Martial Arts, did just that. When he left the corporate world and decided to begin working in fitness and martial arts, he took several steps to make sure the lure of a regular paycheck didn’t draw him back in and away from pursuing his dreams.

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Mark Guay: Manifesting a New Environment: The Cautious Cross-Country Quit | Quit Happens

If you’re not in your dream job or your ideal city, you may think of quitting it all and moving. But how do you get to where you’d like to be…and how do you know that new reality is going to serve you better than the current one?

This week’s guest, entrepreneur and storytelling consultant Mark Guay, knew he had to leave New York and his teaching career. So he began to envision living in a new climate and working from home. And over time, the exact visions he’d been manifesting slowly became reality.

Here’s the Insight Timer he refers to on the podcast.

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Retta Abraham: Walking Away from Wall Street: An Entrepreneur Takes Stock of His Life | Quit Happens

Once you’ve checked all the boxes on the list of societally-mandated goals, what comes next? And what do you do when you realize those goals weren’t at all what truly mattered to you as a person?

This is exactly what entrepreneur, humanitarian, and all-around inspirational human Retta Abraham faced a couple of years ago when he’d gotten married and achieved a successful career on Wall Street. And his journey from that realization to quitting Wall Street to starting his own company is a beautiful guide on how to successfully undertake self-evaluation and transformation.

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Mark Lovett: Quits of Faith: How Trusting the Universe Can Alleviate Quitting-Related Fears | Quit Happens

Many of the biggest fears related to quitting a job come from the uncertainty – the not knowing what comes next. Will we find another job? Will it be better than the one we’re quitting?

If you happen to be facing those fears, let Mark Lovett, the founder of Storytelling with Impact, and the organizer for TEDxSanDiego, give you some great advice on how to alleviate those fears, with bonus advice on how to combat the dreaded ‘imposter syndrome.’

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Lynn Marie Morski: Five Quits to Help Find Your Freedom (the 4th of July Episode) | Quit happens

On this Independence Day episode, Lynn Marie discusses five quits that can lead to increasing YOUR sense of freedom: freedom from others’ expectations, from attention distractions, and from societal norms, among other things.

So grab a hot dog and a firecracker (or not, that actually sounds like a dangerous combo!) and take a listen to the quits the founding fathers forgot to tell you about!

Here’s a photo from the dance party in Italy I referenced:

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