Quit Happens Podcast

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a physician, attorney and lifelong quitter. Through her “Quitting by Design” website she helps people carve out successful lives through strategic quitting. Her goal is to destigmatize quitting and illustrate what a useful tool it can be in creating a fulfilling life. In this show, she interviews people who have used strategic quitting successfully in their paths with the goal of providing listeners actionable advice to help them quit their way to success.

Jeremy Castellano: From Accountant to Alchemist | Quit Happens

Jeremy Castellano was a successful accountant, but his he knew this wasn’t his forever career…and when he developed a passion for brewing beer, this financial whiz put his monetary know-how to work planning and executing a successful transition from CPA to lead brewer at San Diego’s Mission Brewery.

Jeremy’s journey included financial strategies anyone wanting to leave a well-paying job for a less-lucrative field will want to hear!

Audio by Bensound.com.

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