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Quitting the American dream as an NFL player to focus on what you’re really passionate about sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s exactly what retired football player, Nick Murphy, has done! He’s creating the lifestyle of his dreams where he can prioritize his family while helping others actualize their goals.

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About Nick Murphy

Nick is a coach who works with you to create and grow your own lifestyle business, so you can live a life you feel comfortable with and have a business you’re passionate about. He’s an author and avid podcaster, and I’m so excited to share this interview with you.

When he was in the NFL, Nick signed seven different contracts in four years. He felt like he lacked control in his life, and while a part of him liked feeling like he just had to show up, a bigger part felt like he’d rather be in charge. So he quit the NFL to create a career that works for him.

Time is one of the biggest things that can hold you back from achieving something. When you put a time limit on a goal, you’re not allowing your true potential to shine through. You can’t put a time control on something that should be full of love and passion.

But what you can do is learn how to prioritize your project and career so that you work within your zone of genius. Finding what you’re truly passionate about often means outsourcing the things that don’t bring you joy. That’s why I outsource my podcast management to the amazing Counterweight Creative and Nick makes use of Upwork.

How do you prioritize what matters most to you in both work and home life? Do you ever outsource tasks you don’t love? What kind of goals do you set yourself? 

In This Episode:

  • Why you need to find a good spot of control in your life
  • How professional sports can lead to a complete lack of control
  • How you can create a career that is balanced with your home lifestyle
  • Why setting annual goals doesn’t always work
  • Why you need to have love and passion in order to be a successful entrepreneur
  • How you can prioritize staying in your zone of genius
  • How you can make more money working for yourself than for a corporation
  • Why you need to reprioritize what matters to you in your career


“It just got to the point where I was like, I can’t control anything. Like, I could work my face off on a high school field and keep these kinds of meaningless side jobs to just keep playing the game and try to do the thing. My phone may never ring, or I could sit on my ass and do nothing and my phone could ring in an hour. And I just couldn’t handle that lack of control. I knew I could do more than that, so I just quit pursuing football.” (3:14)

“Let’s take time out of the equation for a minute. If this is the thing you know you’re going to do and success is guaranteed, and you’re doing the work and you’re trusting the process, it’s gonna happen.” (7:56)

“No one sits down when you’re in high school and says ‘how do you most profoundly want to use the rest of your life? What is the coolest thing you can come up with doing?’ Forget how to get it paid for or how to make money out of it and how to get a degree in it – what do you want? What fires you up? We don’t start there. So we’re constantly backtracking from this place that was fake to begin with. Some of us find an authentic way to do what we want and some of us don’t, so they stay and they settle and they suffer. And it’s sad.” (24:00)


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