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You don’t always need to know where you’ll end up at the end of the road before quitting something that’s not right for you. Taking that first step can be daunting. But as today’s guest, coach and podcaster Mike Bledsoe, shares, exploring so many different avenues has led him to be a more well-rounded person who is 100% passionate and dedicated to his work.

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About Mike Bledsoe

Mike is a lifelong student who works with coaches to completely transform their careers. After his entrepreneur journey featuring the military, sales, physical training, and more, he’s well-equipped to help coaches find their place in the world.

Today, we’re talking about why it’s so important for every aspect of your life to incorporate play into it. Play lets you explore different areas and just have fun… both of which leads to a happier existence, which shines through in your work.

It’s okay to quit opportunities that don’t align with where you are in life. Most of the time, when you do this, you’ll actually reposition yourself closer to your values, interests, and passions. When you’re feeling inspired, it’s often a good idea to take a chance – you never know what will happen.

Are you driven by money and your finances or your inspiration and passion? How do you feel when you’re on the right path? When’s the last time you took a chance on something you feel inspired by?

Oh, and if you’re like WHAT IS THE BIGGEST KEY TO LEARNING??? Get to it already!!! Well, here’s a funny story:

Mike invited me to a plant medicine ceremony later that evening. Toward the end of the ceremony, we were sharing some goldenberries. More accurately, he had a bag of them and he was handing them to me one at a time. They were very delicious, but also very sour, so it took me a minute to get through each one. At some point he tried to hand me more than one and I think I dropped them or something else happened that made it apparent that I was totally incapable of handling more than one goldenberry at a time, so I said, “One at a time, please.” He laughed and said, “Yeah, apparently that’s the key, one at a time.” At which point he had an A-ha moment and the podcast came back to him and he said “THE KEY!!!”

So, for anyone who came to the show notes for the key to learning quickly, it is to focus on one thing at a time. 

In This Episode:

  • Why you need to play more every day
  • How to face the people who told you ‘you wouldn’t make it’
  • How a book can completely change your perspective on yourself
  • Why it’s okay to quit something to pursue opportunities more in line with your passions
  • Why you don’t need to see the destination to take steps along the path
  • What the difference between a serial entrepreneur and a serial quitter is
  • How to take a chance when you’re feeling inspired
  • What a difference asking for something makes
  • How not letting the pressures of needing money dictate what you pursue in life
  • How quitting can make you a more well-rounded person


“More is not better. What you need is space, and play creates space.” (2:32)

“I never thought that I could get paid so well to do something I love so much. And that would not have happened if I hadn’t quit.” (19:39)

“People that love you will give you the worst advice.” (25:02)

“What I realized during the retreat was that I didn’t know how many of the choices I’d made in my life up to that point were actually my choices or some type of belief that was planted there from a previous moment.”(48:05)

“Even when things were going well, I was still behaving desperately. So I decided I would only act out of inspiration, no matter what happens.” (53:02)

“I let curiosity be my guide and I’m not limited by trying to fix something. To me, that’s one of the biggest keys to moving quickly.” (1:11:51)


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