Making It

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog where from time to time I’ll be posting little reminders about the benefits of quitting or some strategic ways to approach quitting that I may not have covered elsewhere in the site or in my upcoming book. They may be examples of famous people who have quit (spoiler alert, they all have…because *we* all have), or just some tips and tricks to help you in your journey.

So here goes – today I’d like to cover the concept of ‘making it.’ Let’s focus specifically on artistic careers such as actors and musicians. Most of the people who have ‘made it’ in those fields struggled at one time or another, and many worked as baristas or at restaurants or in retail to make ends meet prior to the time they achieved financial success in the arts. Imagine the day the now successful actor walked into his job at a restaurant and said he quit, because he no longer needed that job and could work full-time in his chosen field. THIS IS A QUIT…of the BEST variety!!! It’s a quit that everyone celebrates, yet it is still a quit.

Why do I bring this up? Because destigmatizing quitting requires realizing how many quits are worthy of celebration. We celebrate quits all the time without calling them quit – instead we call it ‘making it.’  Well friends, if you’d like to ‘make it’ in your chosen field, you’ve come to the right place to get started…

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