Jason Goldberg: So Full of Quit! Laughing, Learning (and Rapping!) through Life’s Transitions | Quit Happens

Often the transitions in life, and the quitting that comes along with them, can seem very heavy.  The weight of concerns about everything from finances to loss of identity can intensify a trying time.

Enter Jason Goldberg. This speaker, author, transformational coach and self-proclaimed edu-tainer is here to inject a spirit of play into those times. He suggests that the more we can have a casual relationship with our psychology, the more we can relax enough to see possibilities and solutions that may have eluded us before.

A few of the points Jason and I covered (between doing ’30 Rock’ impressions of varying quality!):

  • Financial tips for how to make a smooth transition between jobs or when leaving a job to start your own business
  • Overcoming fears of losing your identity when you’ve equated your net worth with your self-worth
  • How quality comes from quantity in trying out new skills like Facebook live
  • That you can be both slowed down in the moment (ie. mindful) without being low-energy
  • How slowing down on your ‘yesses’ can prevent having to say NO
  • The benefits of bringing a spirit of play and levity and lightness to your business
  • How having a more casual relationship with our psychology can help us expand our vision and what we see as possible

Check out the YouTube version of the interview – complete with rare footage of Jason rapping AND Jason in a unicorn onsie! You can find it HERE.

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