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When quitting leaves you with a loss of identity, it can be an unapproachable concept. A life without everything you are and surrounded by the people you know is almost unimaginable. But today’s guest, Kris Gethin, has sequentially gone through quits in his life that have ultimately led him to where he is today.

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About Kris Gethin

Kris started his professional sporting career in motocross but had to quit due to recurring injuries. He experienced his first loss of identity here because his whole life was wrapped up in motocross racing, including his friends. Kris was faced with a choice: either dive into a dangerous world where he forgot about his pain or decide to redefine who he was.

Obviously, Kris chose the latter option. He attributes all the quits he’s made throughout his life to how he’s gotten to where he is now. As an international bodybuilder, biohacker, and fitness professional, Kris has a chain of gyms in India and hosts retreats across the world. He’s continued to defy the naysayers just to see if it would work, and let me tell you, it usually does.

Kris started experimenting with biohacking when he was having issues sleeping. He would wake up multiple times throughout the night, sometimes at 20-minute intervals, because he just couldn’t relax his body enough to sleep. Due to his training intensity and schedule, his cortisol levels were through the roof. 

Now, Kris knows exactly what he has to do to have quality sleep. He’s taken commercial DNA tests and had them analyzed which has shown he has a sensitivity to light. Kris is also redefining what it means to be a bodybuilder by regularly participating in cardiovascular activities… such as being on a treadmill while recording this podcast.

How is your identity linked to the things you love? Do you get a restful sleep at night? Have you ever taken a DNA test to learn more about your body? Let us know in the comments below!

In This Episode:

  • What a lifetime of impactful quits can lead you to your true purpose in life
  • How quitting can lead to a loss of identity
  • Why you might have to quit your group of friends in order to leave a toxic situation
  • What happens when you relax your lifestyle and realize you can still achieve your goals
  • How to hack your sleep so you get a better rest
  • What it looks like to quit your mindset and challenge those around you
  • How commercial DNA tests can indicate what you might be sensitive to
  • What we can learn from the ways of our parents


“There was definitely a loss of identity because that had been my identity for almost 15 years and I absolutely loved it. And it was probably the only time in my life I could get to shine and be somebody because I was pretty good at it. After that, it was like, now I’m a nobody, what do I do? I’ll go escape reality.” (6:41)

“If you are to transport nutrients around your body to the localized areas that you’ve just trained, then you have to move. You have to have blood flow.” (18:35)

“When you’re in it, it’s hard to get that outside perspective that you need yourself as opposed to someone else telling you what to do.” (22:42)


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