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One of the more unique quitting stories I’ve ever heard comes from today’s guest, Nurse Jonathan Mendoza! Imagine being at the top of your field after years of schooling only to decide there’s more that you want out of it. So you strategically quit to go back to school to study for another degree that will basically downgrade your title.

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About Jonathan Mendoza

That’s exactly what Jonathan did. He got an undergraduate degree and then studied to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. But he quickly realized that being a chiropractor alone wasn’t fulfilling his healthcare vision. Jonathan quit his high-paying job and started a second undergraduate degree to become a nurse practitioner.

He received a lot of negativity from fellow students as he was already a doctor, and embarking on this new career path. And then when he skipped working as a nurse to complete his Master’s and become a Nurse Practitioner. All to enable him to truly create the type of holistic healthcare practice he envisioned.

Now, Jonathan is the master of injections. He opened his own clinic, the MSW Lounge, just outside Austin, to provide his patients with vitamin infusions to boost their health. Combined with his chiropractic background and supported by a talented and diverse team, Jonathan and the MSW Lounge are revolutionizing healthcare.

When you stop working for the money and start finding your own path towards fulfillment, magic can happen. So many opportunities open up when you embrace stress and changes as they come your way. And truly practicing what you preach makes all the difference.

Are you working to your full potential and fulfillment? How have you strategically quit something to incorporate all your academic letters into creating your perfect job? Have you learned to listen to your body?

In This Episode:

  • What can happen when you strategically quit
  • How you can combine your multiple credentials to create your perfect work
  • What happens when your body decides it’s time to take a break
  • Why you need to work for self-fulfillment rather than money
  • How you can make a responsible and realistic decision to quit
  • How opportunities open up when you’re facing entrepreneurial stress
  • Why you need to embrace the changes you make in your life
  • Why you need to follow your own advice when you’re teaching wellness principles


“Technically, I do this and this, but my credentials are this. Those letters don’t define who I am, they allow me to practice and work a certain way.” (6:38)

“I think that’s why entrepreneurs love the start-up game. I think that’s why people love quitting because there’s an opportunity and there’s fun that comes with it. That stress that I had was a completely different kind of stress than I had when I finished my master’s degree. The stress of opening a business is fun stress. It sucks, but it’s fun stress.” (15:54)

“I molded my lifestyle to the point now where I think we’re thriving, only because things are more in balance and I think that’s the only way life can be. And that’s the only way to work.” (23:17)


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