Is your job literally killing you?

This week an article from The Ladders appeared in my inbox that I have to pass along to you all. If you get nothing else out of the article, let me give you the most important section right here:

“Researchers from the Harvard Business School and Stanford University meta-analyzed the results of more than 200 studies to better understand the effects of stress in the workplace. They found that worrying about losing your job makes you 50% more likely to experience poor health and that having an overly demanding job makes you 35% more likely to have a physician-diagnosed illness.”


Now we all know stress is bad for our health, but apparently certain types of job-related stress have now been scientifically proven to be catastrophic to our well-being, so if you’re in a job that stresses you out and you needed further impetus to quit, consider the fact that quitting may well save your life!

The entire article is great (it actually zeros in on how to know if your boss is killing you) – check it out HERE.

Until next time,

Happy quitting!

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