It’s Graduation Time!

It’s that time again! The time when commencement speeches pop up all over YouTube – most of them telling people to follow their dreams and live their best lives. Many of them relay stories of overcoming years of struggle (otherwise it would be a pretty short speech!) – but all of them generally have a moment or two of unique wisdom.

Today I ran across the University of Southern California graduation commencement speech by Will Ferrell. Yes, the ‘more cowbell’ Will Ferrell. It, too, describes persevering through years of struggle, but it also touches on some themes that apply well to Quitting by Design – namely, that he was a sports information major (yes, he makes fun of that as well) who intended to go into broadcasting, but who listened to his intuition on several occasions and ended up taking a different route.

My favorite quote is around the 17 minute mark where he says: “You’re never not afraid….but my fear of failure never approached in magnitude my fear of ‘what-if.'” I love that. He acknowledges that fear within all of us that our quit may not go well, that our new venture may fail, that we won’t be good enough. But he also reminds us that greater than all those fears is the fear of never having tried.

Hats off, Will Ferrell! Hope you enjoy the speech (found HERE) as much as I did!

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