Fear of (not) Failing??

If you’ve heard me speak or read my website, you know I’m a big fan of author Seth Godin, who wrote a book on quitting called “The Dip,” which I highly recommend.

He blogs regularly, and his posts are often very short but highly insightful – and today’s was no different.

It’s so short that I’m just going to paste it right here (though I suggest you go to sethgodin.com and check out more from him):

He said:
“But what if it works?”

Fear of success is at least as big a challenge as fear of failure.

Because if it works, things are going to change.

Are you ready for that?

Now as I coach people on quitting, I am constantly addressing the fear of failure – but even I rarely address the fact that some people may fear SUCCESS.

Is that you? Are you afraid of what great changes may lie ahead? Afraid success may drive a wedge in your relationships? That it may catapult you into a social class you don’t feel ready to join?

These are all valid. So if you have uneasiness about quitting and starting something new, I urge you to examine if fear of success is one of the mechanisms holding you back.

I’d love to hear your feedback – are you fearing success? Have you become successful in spite of those same fears?

Either way, I’m here to help.

Until next time,
Happy quitting!

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