Did you end up here on accident?

Judging by the google results when I type in ‘quit’ or ‘quitting,’ most people associate those words with cigarette smoking. In fact, very often when I tell people I want to help others quit, they assume I am referring to addictions of some sort. So if you ended up at my page because you were looking to quit smoking or another addiction, have you come to the wrong place?

Absolutely not.

Many of the skills needed for a successful quit are the same whether you’re quitting tobacco or your relationship. Mental fortitude, a support system, and healthy habits will all set you up for a successful quit of any kind.

But there’s another reason I’m happy you’re here. People find quitting tobacco to be an honorable undertaking, yet so many other quits get stigmatized. However, there are many other things that can have just as negative an effect on your health as tobacco: an extremely stressful job, an abusive relationship, an educational path that isn’t right for you.

So let’s destigmatize quitting anything that isn’t healthy for you! If you want quitting tobacco to be easier, perhaps quitting a stressful job that leads you to smoke more is a good start. Or quitting a relationship with someone who isn’t as concerned with their health as you are and who wouldn’t support your tobacco-free lifestyle.

And let’s applaud quitters of all types just as loudly as we applaud those who kick the smoking habit:)

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