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It doesn’t matter what’s happened in your past, everything you’ve gone through has been a step to getting to where you are now. This means no regrets, only learned experiences. Christine Hassler is here to talk about life leading up to and moving on from a quit

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About Christine Hassler

Christine is the host of Over It & On With It, the author of multiple books, including the incredible Expectation Hangover, a keynote speaker, and master life coach with a Masters in spiritual psychology. She works with women to help them gain clarity and live the life they truly want.

First things first, and this goes for every single person considering quitting out there: if you’re feeling the need to quit something, make a change, or if the situation is causing you discomfort – don’t wait until it gets worse. Make moves to remedy your situation before it becomes something you medically have to leave because of.

Christine gets it. It’s the not knowing what’s on the other side of that quit that’s almost more terrifying than the situation you’re in. Learn to trust your instincts; you don’t need anyone else’s permission to quit.

Christine lets us in on the secret of having a life coach: what they do exactly and what value a life coach will have in your life. Life coaching is way more than therapy! She shares how she uses and teaches the Law of Attraction… it’s more than just positive thinking. In fact, the more you talk about something, the more energy you’re giving it – and yes, that includes things you don’t want!

According to Christine, having a plan for your life might actually limit you. Life plans can cause you to think small, giving you tunnel vision to only hit one goal, but you might miss out on so many other incredible opportunities along the way. So think big and be flexible!

Do you have a rigid life plan? Are you thinking of quitting but the fear of what’s on the other side is stopping you? How do you attract good things into your life? Let us know below!

In This Episode:

  • Why the not knowing can be more terrifying than what you’re doing now, even if you’re miserable
  • What value a life coach have in your life
  • How the Law of Attraction really works in your life
  • Why you shouldn’t wait until something is really bad before you leave
  • How having a 5-year plan can cause you to think small and give you tunnel vision
  • How talking about something that you don’t want can actually manifest that into your life
  • What space surrendering can create in your life


“Anytime that you’re leaving or quitting something that you worked hard at, it’s hard. Because human beings, in general, don’t like uncertainty.” (8:07)

“It doesn’t matter how many posters of money you have up, or how much you affirm ‘I am wealthy,’ if you don’t deal with the limiting beliefs that are there or the unprocessed emotions that are broadcasting a different frequency, then you’re always going to have those competing intentions.” (19:31)

“We know. We know when we want to leave, we know when we want to do something different. We just want some drastic sign or someone that we think has some kind of authority to go ‘no, it’s okay, you can do it’ when all the while the person we really need to listen to is ourselves.” (27:38)


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