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There’s quitting, and then there’s ‘being issued cease and desist letters from your registered board when you’re practicing what you know is right’ quitting. That’s what today’s guest, Cassie Bjork, experienced when she was a registered dietician who didn’t agree with the nutritional guidelines at the time.

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About Cassie Bjork

Cassie studied to be a dietician, but when she started gaining weight and her dad had a heart attack doing all the “right” things, she knew there was something wrong. So Cassie started learning about other aspects of nutrition, which led to her dietician practice having a more open approach to healthcare. However, the registered board disagreed, and after a 5-year battle culminating in a court battle, Cassie had had enough.

She knew that fighting for what she believed in was important, but the stress and anxiety weren’t worth it. In fact, while having her dietician’s license helped her gain credit originally, maybe Cassie didn’t even need it anymore. That’s when Cassie decided to quit fighting.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make. She was always known as Dietician Cassie. But some identities you grow out of. 

That process of transformation is uniquely personal and often long-winded. It’s something Cassie had to experience on her own, almost like breaking up with yourself. But it has led to so many more opportunities than she could have imagined.

When you break the rules that don’t serve you anymore – amazing things can happen.

Have you ever fought for your beliefs, even if they’re not what your professional organization preaches? Are you afraid to quit your job and lose part of your identity? How has negative publicity served you? Let us know in the comments below!

In This Episode:

  • How you can fight for your right to teach what you believe
  • Why quitting never feels easy
  • Why you have to go through your process of transformation on your own
  • How negative publicity can still bring you new clients and opportunities
  • What happens when you break the rules that aren’t serving you
  • How you can outgrow your identity


“I was the only dietician saying butter is good for your waistline. Eat more calories to lose weight. Exercise less to increase your metabolism! And then the dietician board served me cease and desist orders. As a dietician, I could only talk about food.” (5:46)

“I fought for that dietician’s license because I wanted to make a change from the inside out. I worked so hard for it.” (9:20)

“I didn’t know what would happen or what my followers would think and if I’d lose credibility. The unknown can be really scary. Quitting can be such a process of transformation. I really didn’t know what way it would go, all I knew was that it felt so right.” (11:07)

“I don’t have to be defined by my career or my credentials. I can be me and that’s enough.” (17:28)


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