Blow the whole thing down.

A friend recently told me about a podcast episode in which the guest, Misfit founder AJ Leon, describes in dramatic detail the day he realized his life in the high stakes world of finance was all wrong and how he suddenly walked away.

AJ’s exit was something out of a movie. He packed up his desk and then started spouting something about how they were frauds just pushing around paper money until security had to escort him out.

Now I almost never advocate burning bridges during your quit. The boss you want to tell off during your quit may be the one who has to write a letter of recommendation for your next job, so I usually recommend quitting in the least offensive way possible. However, there is one instance where burning the bridge isn’t such a bad idea – and it’s exactly what Leon describes in his story. He says he knew if he didn’t, he would have gone back. And he knew in his heart he shouldn’t go back. So he said he had to “blow the whole thing down.”

Take a listen to AJ Leon’s inspiring story – the episode is long, but the relevant part starts at 53:00.

**Warning – the host and guest are both big fans of colorful language, so if you’re not, well…may I recommend earmuffs:)

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