A case of the Sundays…

I was once speaking with a physician colleague of mine, and I told her that the insomnia I was having at the time was worst on Sunday nights. She said “Oh, that’s really common” and proceeded to explain that on Sunday people start worrying about what they have to do that week, which leads to insomnia. For me, it was less about what I had to do, but more about where I had to do it – it was a sense of dread that set in knowing I had to go to work the next day. It took over somewhere around noon on Sunday and kept me up most of the night.

Shortly after that I made some major changes at work and my case of the Sundays was a thing of the past. I now enjoy every minute of Sunday and sleep pretty well Sunday night.

So you ever get a case of the Sundays? We all know the infamous ‘case of the Mondays,’ but I’d say that if either day fills you with work-related angst, you might want to reconsider whether your job is working for you.

I can help:) Read “Should I quit something?”

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